Student Dossier Management is a crucial aspect of School ERP, allowing administrators to maintain comprehensive records of students' academic and behavioral data.

Here are key features and benefits of the module offered by Candour Systems Pvt Ltd:


1. Student Profile
  • Create and maintain detailed profiles for each student, including personal information, contact details, and academic records.
2. Report Card Management
  • Store and update student report cards for each academic term, allowing easy access to past performance.
3. Attendance Records
  • Track and record student attendance for each class or session, including details of absences, tardiness, and leave.
4. Teacher Remarks
  • Capture teacher remarks, feedback, and notes regarding a student's behavior, performance, and participation.
5. Document Repository
  • Maintain a repository for important documents such as birth certificates, transfer certificates, and identification documents.
6. Health Records
  • Keep track of students' health records, immunizations, and medical history for emergency purposes.
7. Parent/Guardian Information
  • Store contact details and emergency contact information for parents or guardians.
8. Academic History
  • Maintain a comprehensive academic history, including exam results, standardized test scores, and achievements.
9. Custom Fields
  • Allow for the addition of custom fields to record specific data points relevant to the school.
10. Search and Retrieval
  • Enable easy search and retrieval of student records based on various criteria.


  • Comprehensive Student Profiles: Student dossiers provide a holistic view of each student, including academic performance, attendance, and behavioral history.
  • Data Accessibility: Administrators, teachers, and parents can access student records conveniently, ensuring transparency and communication.
  • Historical Perspective: Access to past report cards and remarks helps in tracking a student's progress and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Efficient Reporting: Easily generate and share comprehensive student reports for parent-teacher meetings or academic reviews.
  • Behavioral Monitoring: Teacher remarks allow for tracking behavioral issues or commendable behavior, helping in discipline management.
  • Health Management: Access to health records can be crucial in medical emergencies and for ensuring students' well-being.
  • Customization: Custom fields and data points can be tailored to the school's specific requirements.
  • Administrative Oversight: School administrators have full control and oversight of student records, ensuring data accuracy and security.

A Student Dossier Management module enhances the school's ability to maintain and manage student records efficiently, promoting effective communication among teachers, parents, and school administrators while ensuring the security and privacy of student data.

Student Dossier Management