Benefits School ERP is all in one web based school management software which is designed to facilitate paperless/effortless administrations of schools/colleges. It has an enhanced facilities that automates the education sector and helps in improving operational effectiveness and bringing down administrative expenses.

1. How do I install the School App?
  1. 1. Go through Google Play/istore.
  2. 2. Search AES App.
  3. 3. Install the app.
  4. 4. Enter your user id (As provided by school) click on next button.
  5. 5. OTP will be received on registered mobile number in School records.
  6. 6. Enter the OTP you received.
  7. 7. OTP will be verified and you are ready to use all the exciting features.

If you are having any problem with the same steps need not to worry you can also write to us or you can reach us at 0120 515 4900, 0120 4190122 (Between 9am to 5pm).

2. What information will I be able to see for my child?

Various important information is available on your account:-

  1. 1. Fee Dues.
  2. 2. Payment Online.
  3. 3. School Calendar.
  4. 4. Daily Homework.
  5. 5. Attendance record.
  6. 6. Daily Timetable.
  7. 7. My inbox.
  8. 8. School websites.
  9. 9. Students achievements.
  10. 10. Discipline.
  11. 11. Daily thought of the day.
  12. 12. Exam marks details.
3. What if I have more than one child? Will I be able to see information of all of my children?

Yes, you can After login into your first account there will be an option to add new account in app by selecting that you can easily register your subsequence accounts.

4.I am a grand parent of the child. Can I log in and see information on my grand child or grand children?

Yes you can, only if parents of child gives you the access as OTP will only be coming to parents registered mobile number,after entering that OTP you can access the features.

5. The app is not working correctly. What should I do?

Try updating the app if it is not working correctly. You can also uninstall the app and re-install it.

6. The app is not working correctly. After re-installing?

If still problem is there please try with the following steps

  1. Access the application manager in your device settings.
  2. Select AES app over there.
  3. The next screen will show the AES app icon in the upper left corner with two buttons underneath: Force stop and Uninstall.
  4. Below that there is storage icon click on that you will see two more links with name 'clear cache' and 'clear Data'.
  5. Kindly clear both the cahce and data for this app.
  6. Now you are ready to go, kindly check your app again it will start work.
7. My screen goes blank or it shows technical error after hitting school app icon. What should I do?

Please try with the steps mentioned in point no 6 and get the latest version of app after uninstalling the current version you are having in your phone.

8. I am trying to use this app in two phones but didn't get OTP on second phone. What should I do?

OTP can only be received on registered mobile number with school records. You can use the app on multiple phones but only after having permission with registered user in school records.

9. How often all the information is updated?

Some information is being updated on daily basis like student attendance, daily homework, thought of the day and some of them are being updated only once like school planner etc.