Four steps to IT success and security

So you want to know what it entails for us to organize your IT, offer you maintenance, secure, cutting-edge systems, and software. The question "How do we start?" is one that many clients are asking at this time. Without further ado, let's get to the meat of the matter.

How to get started

At Candour Systems, we follow a 4-step process.
It's simple, smart and easy to follow:

Step 1 - Quote

This is a written proposal that outlines the costs and what will be provided as part of our service. Fill out the form on this page, and we'll send you a free, customized quote by email. Please give us a few hours so we can finish since people, not machines, prepare it. After you've read it, get in touch with us; we won't phone or email you a lot, so your answer is crucial. We can also answer all questions and put any doubts to rest. We move on to Step 2 if you're willing to continue.


Step 2 - Audit

Now, we examine in detail the state of your current IT infrastructure. This is a necessary phase for identifying the strengths and weaknesses. The comprehensive audit will be conducted on-site at your location at no cost to you. After completion, you will receive an IT road map outlining the course we must follow to get things in order.


Step 3 - Onboarding

The excitement has now begun. We agree on a start date for our IT support service, introduce ourselves to your team, and explain who we are. If you already have an IT company, we will also contact them to request information about your IT infrastructure.


Step 4 - Go Live!

Your Candour Systems IT assistance will start working on this day. Now that we have taken care of everything, you can proudly say that you have Full Peace of Mind. Enjoy the advantages while relaxing.