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School Management Software

School management software is a quality product of Candour Systems. It is built upon the latest technologies that are very much flexible and customizable to fulfill all kind of needs for every Academic Institute. School management software is a complete solution for Schools/Colleges based upon the most advanced Web Based Architecture having the highly interactive user interface.
School Management Software is a Best solution for All Schools,Colleges, Universities etc. School Management Software is designed to meet the unique and varying need of the schools, colleges, professional institutions and universities managing education system.It empowers institutions with a dynamic web-portal with individual dashboards for Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff Members and Management enabling them to have all the relevant information and communication from a single place.

School Management Software Comprises Various Modules which manage the Student Academics and enhances Student -Teacher and Teacher - Parents experience while intergating with back-end administrative operations.It provides intergrated set of modules to help teaching and study as well as core educational administration processes.

School Management Software Offered on SAAS (Softwares as Service) model too, there for institution would not be requried to invest in hardware setup like servers, software intallations etc..the only infrastructute requried will be computer with basic internet connectivity. SES enjoys extremly secure login and authentication system.Intergartin with smart card, RFID, BAR code with extended communications capabilities including Inter E- Mail and SMS will make School Management Software preffered Solution for educational institutions information managemnet.

Salient Features of School management software
  • Interfacing with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for every entrance and exit of school.
  • Interfacing with biometric for school staff.
  • Interfacing with Short Message Service (SMS) to inform students and teachers of school.
  • Full time dedicated man power support, that will feed attandance and homework data in school.
  • Alert management systems (meeting invitation on urgent basis). Anytime if school management has to send any information on an urgent basis then they can simple send it on a single click.
  • Graphical representation of student details. In a single glance parents can visualize the performance of their child.
  • Remarks facility for the teachers. Teachers can give remarks to the students and these remarks will be sent to the parent’s mobile instantly. This removes the communication gap between teachers and parents and makes our education system more robust.
  • Previous year student performance. A facility for the teachers, in PTM teachers can see the whole performance of the students like their attendance, marks, remarks etc by simply entering ID into the application. Whole previous year record will come in front of the teachers instantly.
  • Old homework at student login. Students and parents can see the homework online of any previous date.
  • Online bus management system for teacher and students. Students and teachers can see the detailed description of the bus routes and even they can apply for the required route bus online.
  • Library Management Systems including barcode. Barcode enabled Library management system integrated with this system.
  • Timetable management. In 10 minutes school can generate time table for a class and as soon as school created it, this timetable is visible on the student and teacher login.
  • Exam schedule management. Exam schedules can be generated with the help of this system effectively.
  • Tablets for the teachers. New trend changer, teachers will be entering into the class with a tablet now and will be taking attendance and enter marks in the application with the help of this tablet. They don’t have to mess around with the registers and papers. And after that if teachers have to take any printout or anything then they can simply take this from the application on a single click.
  • 16 Online communications of teachers and parents.
  • E-Learning system. Teachers can upload tutorial, ppt or educational movies for the students. While uploading they can even select their audience like this tutorial is for 2nd class or this is for 10th class.
  • Polling facility for the students and teachers. School management can take the opinion of the students or teachers in any case through this pole.
  • Health Report of student login. Parents can see the health report of their wards anytime anywhere.
  • Mobile application for students and parents.